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Hi and Welcome to my page! Here you can find a few good links and I will soon be adding some free graphics that you may use as you please.

...So look around and and try things out. You may find something you like! On the fun page, watch out for that UFO and PLEASE be careful if you go to my Button Page! Oh, if you should find anything that don't work, please let me know. Thanks!! :-)


Here are some great links, so enjoy!!!

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How about the Fun Page?

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Blue Ribbon Privacy BugNosis

Do click on the bug and get BugNosis to see who all is tracking you on the web. All I can say is that it is unreal! ---- BugNosis is free, get it!

You should all so get Ad Aware. Ad Aware is free software that tells you what spy ware is on your computer. You may be surprise.

You should also check out Privacy Foundation

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