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Welcome to the Pickle Jar!

Welcome to the web site of Gary and Angela Pickle. We live in Central Kentucky and have been married for 10 years. We have 2 kids, Sweet and Dill (not really!, I wanted to, but Angie wouldn't let me!) Their names are Nancy and Andy. Be sure to check out their pages! We'll be working on the site and try to keep it updated so check back often.

Clicking on the items on the left will give you an idea about our hobbies and interests.

Feel free to email us anytime with comments or suggestions.


***The Pickle Joke Challenge***

I believe I have heard every joke that could possibly be made about the name Pickle. I challenge anyone visiting this site to come up with a new one! And keep them clean, the kids will be checking, too! Besides, all the "off-color" ones I heard years ago.



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