Owsley Co, Citizens For Fiscal Court Oversight

The Tax

We will let you be the Judge!!


Good People of Owsley County.

At the Fiscal Court Meeting of August 9, 2010 a highly respected member of this county brought up a very important matter that we were not aware of. That being a Local Government Tax that a lot of the people of the county were not aware of. This being a tax that homeowners pay when they insure their home. This tax is 7% to 8.1% of what you pay each year on your policy. So if you pay $1.000.00 a year $70.00 to $81.00 of that that goes into the County General Fund or about $130.000.00 a year. Mr. Turner supported this tax. The research we have done on this tells us that only about 40 to 45% of all homeowners in Owsley County have homeowners insurance. We find this tax to be discriminatory at the very least or, just not fair and needs to be stopped.

"Discrimination is a sociological term referring to the treatment taken toward or against a person of a certain group in consideration based solely on class or category."

Updated 2/24/2011

We belive Mr. DeBord & the Magistrate need to move and remove this tax.

Citizens of Owsley Co. Call your Magistrate and the County Judge and tell them how you feel about this tax.

Updated 2/25/2011

After talking to other Citizens about this Tax. We believe there is a option to stopping this tax. If the Court would move to designate this tax revenue to be used only for County road improvement of blacktopping only. Using only County equipment and and County labor. I think all who pay this tax would support this.

It's called a return on investment & moving Owsley County forward!

Send a email to Mr. DeBord and give him your input on this.

Email: debord@prtcnet.org