About Us

        About Our School

The Annville Christian Academy is a nondenominational Christian based educational facility since 1985.  When starting the school we had few enrolled, over the years we have grown tremendously.  We offered our county another educational alternative with Christian principles.  We teach our students the importance of education. ACA also helps them to understand the importance of God in their daily lives. One way we have managed to do this is through the Beka Curriculum and great teachers.  

Our Mission is:

To be a school committed to providing a quality education in a Christian environment which strives to enlighten the individual student mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Our Community: 

Annville, Kentucky, is located in Jackson County about 75 miles southeast of Lexington.  We are situated in the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian Mountains.  Jackson County suffers high unemployment, a high dropout rate among students.