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The Abandoned Heart

I left nose smears on your window
And yes, a spot upon your carpet.
But I didn't think you'd really care
Because you said you loved me,
I was your Baby and oh so smart!
But that was just a story,
You weren't speaking from your heart.
Today you said "Come on, my little Baby
We're going for a ride."
I was wiggly-happy when you told me,
I sat so proudly by your side.
Then you drove out in the country,
It seemed so very, very far.
Then pulling to the roadside,
You suddenly stopped the car.
"Here's where you get out, Baby.
I don't want you anymore".
And reaching over opened,
And pushed me through the door.
I tried my best to follow,
But in a moment you were gone.
When I stopped, so tired and thirsty,
I was lost and all alone.
I gave you true devotion,
Someday you're going to find,
Just how much love you threw away
And that it's the dearest kind.
When you say your prayers tonight,
Ask forgiveness for a lie
And for killing someone who loved you,
You left me here to die.

Taken from Maggie's Place.

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