Jackson County Food Bank
An organization that distributes food and grocery products to Jackson County Citizens in need.

263 McCammon Ridge Road, McKee, Kentucky
1/2 mile past Rocky Hill Heights

The Jackson County Food Bank is managed by a volunteer board of directors and Director, Joyce Marks.

The food bank is a non-profit corporation with only one part-time employee,
Reva Rose.

Who is eligible to benefit from the Jackson County Food Bank?
Anyone who is in need of food for any reason.

Interested in raising much-needed funds for the Food Bank?

  • Start a donation jar at work
  • Ask your church or organization to raise money
  • Volunteer to work at a road-block
  • Volunteer to work at the food bank (youth groups, individuals, businesses, etc.)
Open to serve clients Monday - Friday
12:30PM - 2:00PM

Donations to the Food Bank:
All donations are tax deductible.

Donate by Mail:

Jackson County Food Bank
263 McCammon Ridge Road
McKee, Kentucky 40447

Are you or your family in need of food?
Interested in Volunteering at the Food Bank?
Contact the Food Bank at (606)287-8336,
Joyce Marks at home (606)287-7644,
or send an email to

THANK YOU, Citizens of Jackson County, for all of your donations and support to work with our community to reduce hunger.


All support and donations are sincerely appreciated.