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Hello, Hello!

Wow! It's Spring! I hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine as we are. I've already been out and gotten a tan. hehe We've been to the park, gone fishing, and started working on the farm. I even planted some flowers! Oh, I love this time of year. Spring is my favorite season!

The family is doing wonderful. Mack is now going to the Christian Academy with the younger kids and is doing well there. J is still home schooling over the internet. I'm off working over 40 hours a week at Ruby Tuesdays. I love my new job!

Justin and Nat had a wreck this past week and totalled the Jeep. We're grateful they are both uninjured (a miracle when you know J -Mr. Accident Prone...) and only the car is damaged. Cars can be replaced! And, things are working out ok. Dad just bought my blazer from me and had the transmission replaced. I'd bought a car to save on gas for driving to and from work. So, the folks only went a few days without a small vehicle. They still had the van, so they weren't in too much trouble. :)


Dad is working like crazy. He's had to put in a few evenings and week ends to keep caught up. Now he's burnt out and ready for a break. :) It is wonderful that he has so much work. God has really blessed the business this year.

Mom's working at the office more now that I'm not around much. She's usually doing paperwork till the kids are ready to be picked up from school then she takes them home.

J and the younger boys are trying to get the spring farm work done. J's spent every nice afternoon on the tractor just discing and mowing fields. The younger boys have mowed the yard, orchard, and garden. Everything is so green!

Ryan and I are making wedding plans. We'll be sure to let everyone know the details soon!

Until I find time to write again...