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Beth's 1st Page
My new Grandbaby
Dont stop now
My name is Buster
The best friend I ever had once died for me , He walked that mile and carried the cross to Calvary. There they beat Him up , tied Him down and nailed His hands. H still forgave them saying Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. All things are possible if we rely on our Lord.
I sell  avon , my name is Beth , you can reach me at    i can get more info to you from there. Thanks in advance
She fills our heart with so much joy
Family means a lot to me , Mom and Dad are my everything , now I'll share them with you
Evelyn and Carl Belt
Me Katie and Mike
Love , prayer and hope will hold all things together!
Dad does about anything , from mowing yards to minor repairs , send me an e-mail with your number and He will get back to you
Katie and Mike are in school , I'm so proud of them
The best place I can think of to visit is your local church on Sunday morning . Listen to the hymns and your pastor preach. Don't let anyone discourage you , for you never know when your chance will arrive to recieve God's blessing . Another good place ts on the net if it's not on your local T V
Kellsey & Bear 

She always smiles ang grins , Loves her Granny and Gramps , we have her spoiled Rotten